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The BEST Hay Feeder on the Market (DISCOUNT CODE INCLUDED)

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Since starting Horse Barn Addicts, I have been on the hunt to bring you (my followers) the BEST products for your barn and more importantly your horse. My promise, to all of you, is to never bring a product to your attention that I don’t believe in. Slow-feeding options have been something I have done A LOT of research on. I have had my own love/hate relationship with them. For a while I used hay bags and they definitely save hay waste and slow my horses down, but I absolutely HATE stuffing them and I struggle with the fact that my horses cannot eat with their head down like they naturally should. Not to mention, my gelding has figured out he can rip a hole in the side of the irritating hay bag, eat as fast as he wants and pull it all out and into his stall (I’m sure my other gelding-owning friends can relate). BUT, I have now found the feeder that will solve all of my problems and worries (and yours too). Here are the reasons, the Savvy Feeder is now, my favorite way to feed my horses their hay!

1.Let’s start off with the obvious thing we want all our hay feeders to do: SAVE HAY AKA MONEY. Hay is expensivvveee. There is nothing more frustrating than walking into a stall and seeing that your horse has taken their hay (your money) and spread it all around their stalls, walked on it and released their bowels and bladder all over it. And, now you have to clean their stall and sift through all the hay that ends up getting stuck in your pitch fork. I know a lot of you just felt really triggered, right? Hay feeders are a great way to make sure this doesn’t happen. The Savvy Feeder keeps your horses hay perfectly located in the feeder and encourages them to eat slowly and eat all of it!

2.Second, and the fact that puts my mind at ease the most: with the Savvy Feeder my horse can eat with their head in the natural position: WITH THEIR HEAD DOWN. The Savvy Feeder is the perfect height for all sizes to eat in the natural position. Horses that are able to eat with their head down reduce their chance of inhaling irritants and the position also promotes airway drainage which can flush out any potential irritants. If your horse is eating out of a tied up hay bag, they are increasing their chance of inhaling irritants into their lungs and not being able to get them out. Horses are also able to produce more saliva with their head in the natural position, which aids in the first step of digestion and prevents choking. See the link below for a great article about the benefits of eating in the natural position by Heart of Phoenix.

3.Extended/slowed feeding has MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS. It is very important that horses are able to continuously forage throughout the day. If your horses are scarfing their hay down, they are not foraging for a good portion of the day. Continuously foraging throughout the day decreases the chance of ulcers and colic. The slowing of feeding time by the Savvy Feeder also reduces anxiety and boredom which can lead to calmness and forgoing annoying habits like cribbing, stall pacing and wood chewing (I’m talking to my gelding owners again).

4.Now, back to the human benefits to using the Savvy Feeder. This feeder is EASY TO FILL. I can’t tell you how many times I have decided against using my hay feeders because I just don’t want to struggle to stuff the bag with hay, resulting in me angry and covered in hay (I know, a lot of you are feeling triggered again, but hang on!) This hay feeder is SO simple to fill. The Savvy Feeder is the perfect size for fitting the flakes of hay right inside. All you have to do is, turn the feeder over, slide the bottom plate out, place the hay inside, slide the bottom plate back over, lock it, and turn it over. Done! No mess, no stuffing, no feeling angry! Need to wet hay for your horse with allergies? No problem. You can easily wet the hay once it is placed in the feeder since there is a drain hole at the bottom

5.The Savvy Feeder is MADE TO LAST. Savvy Feeder challenges you to let your horse investigate it. They are fully confident in their poly material to hold up against your destructive horses. The plastic is made to flex (not break) under pressure and the grate is designed to pop out in the event of an emergency. The poly material is also soft enough for your horse to safely eat without damaging their teeth, gums or lips. The feeder is designed in depth to be sure it can withstand all types of weather, hot or cold.

6.Finally, the Savvy Feeder CAN BE USED ANYWHERE. Most people typically think of using hay feeders in the stalls, but you can use this feeder in the pasture, paddock, beside the trailer, or while your horse is tied to a picket line for overnight trail riding. This means hay (cough, cough money) savings everywhere your horse goes!

As you can see there are many reasons, I have chosen to share the Savvy Feeder with you. It is clearly the most superior hay feeder on the market today. I feel confident that your money will not be wasted. I am in the process of ordering my own right now! If you want to do the same click the link below and use the discount code: HORSEBARNADDICTS for $20 OFF your purchase.


Thanks for reading! ~Horse Barn Addicts

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