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The 3 Things Your Horse NEEDS for Summer

Okay, we all know the spring going into summer brings a lot of excitement for us crazy horse people; more riding time! But, with the change in seasons we also start dealing with some… well annoyances, too, aka FLIES. Here are 3 affordable things you absolutely need to help your horse stay comfortable this summer!

1. FLY SPRAY - Yes, obvious, but a necessity for your horse’s comfort.

Most horse people understand they must buy fly spray to make it through the summer with some sanity. Now, it comes down to which fly spray to buy. Most people are looking for the magic fly spray… which brand works the best? Now, lots of people have their brands that they love, but I will be the first to tell you, after 22 years of horse experience there is NO perfect fly spray. Most work well enough with a few applications throughout the day. That being said, I have had great luck with Farnam Endure Fly Spray. It kills, repels and protects your horse from flies AND it is sweat resistant, so great when you are riding! I also love that you can buy this fly spray in bulk for a great price. Here’s what I do: I buy the 32 ounce spray bottle which is sold for $0.79 per ounce and then I also buy the 128 ounce refill which is sold for a much more affordable price of $0.62 per ounce. I love saving money and since I definitely can’t survive the heat without fly spray, I might as well find a way to save a little bit of money when buying it.

2. FANS - This is probably my horse’s FAVORITE way to beat the flies.

Fans are a great luxury for horse’s to have in their stalls on hot days and a fantastic way to beat the flies. My horses love to be inside on hot summer days when the flies are terrible and stand under their fans and just sleep. My gelding, who most days spends his time looking out his window, decides the fan is his new best friend when summer brings the dreaded flies. Fans can be an expensive purchase but this affordable fan on Amazon is perfect for any budget. Not to mention, you can also buy two at a time for an even cheaper price per unit. This fan is the perfect size to put in any stall, is an easy installation and provides a strong enough wind to beat the flies while being relatively quiet.

3. SHOOFLY BOOTS - A perfect way to beat the flies for horses who are outdoors all day long.

These are my new favorite find for my horses who are incredibly sensitive to fly bites, but they are great for any horse, especially those who spend most days outside. We all know that flies are constantly biting at the legs of our horses, causing them to stomp, create hoof damage and become absolutely miserable out in the pasture. These fly boots make your horse comfortable to go out and graze in the tall grass or enjoy a nap outside without being absolutely attacked at the legs. They are made of breathable material that is durable and lightweight. These are definitely worth the investment and can last quite a while with even the roughest of horses (I’m talking about those of you with silly geldings). I have tried several different types of fly boots, which all have ended up slipping down my horse’s leg during the day. This design is by far my favorite!

~ Horse Barn Addicts


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