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My Top 10 Favorite Luxury Barns

Ugh. Let me just start off by saying, this was a HARD list to make! After almost 3 years of running Horse Barn Addicts, picking out 10 of my favorite barns almost feels impossible, but for the sake of this blog, it had to be done. If anyone would like to challenge this list, I would love to see what you’ve got! Without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite luxury barns to date.

10. This Stunning Black Exterior Barn by Old Town Barns

Black farmhouses are in, so black horse barns are in, too, right? The color, the landscaping and the design all give you that feeling of luxury!

9. This Bright & Airy Barn by B & D Builders

While I can appreciate a dark exterior, I also love a light exterior! This barn is the epitome of all white barns. It boasts 6,100 sq ft of exquisiteness, 12 stalls, 4 wash/grooming stalls, a tack room, a laundry room, a feed room, storage, an office and grooms quarter. Among all that, the wood on the interior is to die for!

8. This Custom Barn by Morton Buildings

I love this barn, not just because of its insane beauty, but for the way you can tell the owners had a hand in the entire process of building. They designed the barn to have great ventilation with the installation of cupolas, and 3 sets of sliding doors in the indoor arena. The barn features a beautifully designed viewing room overlooking the indoor arena. Check out the link to see a video on the thought process of this barn.

7. This European Design Barn by Quinis Design Works

This design is gorgeous… from the shingle siding, to the vaulted ceilings with skylights, to the stunning wood tack room, but my absolutely favorite part of this barn is the run-outs off of every single stall. The barn certainly is luxurious to us humans, but it takes the horse’s lives to a whole other level of luxury with the indoor/outdoor space.

6. This Amazing Home with Stalls Below by Heritage Equine

Throughout the process of creating Horse Barn Addicts and looking at many, many horse barns, some of my favorites have been designs where you essentially live with the horses! Every young equestrian has probably at one time or another considered moving into the barn with their horses. Now, as you get older, you realize you really do need a house and you can’t live in the stall with your horse, but with this incredible design you can have your house and then just simply walk down the stairs to see your horse. Amazing!

5. This Very Large Barn by B & D Builders

This very large barn boasts luxury with its incredible 24 custom made mahogany stalls complete with StableComfort stall mattresses, large fans and window for the horse’s entertainment. The aisle way and stall fronts almost look too nice to be in a horse barn! There is an incredibly large covered arena and as you walk out to it, you are reminded to “have a good ride” by a sign over the beautiful barn doors. Not to mention, if you don’t feel like riding in a covered arena, you can go ride in the even larger outdoor arena.

4. This Unique, but Luxurious Barn by Blackburn Architects

This very impressive barn has made it in the top 5 of my list due to the incredibly unique and creative design of the layout. The barn is unlike any others I have seen. The lounge area overlooking the indoor arena is completely open and airy just like the indoor itself. The barn has 8 stalls that all feature run-outs

3. This Exquisite Dressage Facility by Clayton Boyd

This world class facility is definitely luxurious! This barn is climate controlled with 12 stalls, a 20,000 sq ft indoor arena and 4 stone wash stalls. This will forever be one of my favorites when it comes to luxury. These horses live better than I do!

2. This Incredible Barn “Apartment” by DC Builders

This has been a long time favorite of mine, and if I ever were to build my own amazing house/barn there’s a good chance I would steal some ideas from this. This is the largest project designed and built by DC Builders. It is an incredible 36,290 sq ft featuring a fully custom 5,000 sq ft. home above the stalls and with access to a view platform over the indoor arena. To say this is an equestrian's dream, is an understatement.

1. This Barn that is the Epitome of Luxury

When it comes to luxury, this barn is unmatched with every other barn I have come across. The detail is incredible. The barn itself even looks like a home and perfectly matches the outside of the actual home. These horses are living their best life! The barn features 10 oversized stalls, a custom tack room and office. The property is 85 acres with a 4 acre lake, a beautiful pool and outdoor living area, an all weather riding arena AND a helipad and custom hangar! This is a barn I, admittedly, could not even dream up.

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