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A Favorite, Newly Discovered Equine Artist

About a year ago, I was gifted with a beautiful wine glass with a uniquely painted horse on it. Being the horse lover I am, I am always thrilled at receiving almost anything with a horse on it. At the time I was just thankful for the gift and didn't take a second to notice who the artist was. Another year went by I was gifted, by the same people, with a small framed painting with the same style of uniquely painted horses on it. This time a mare and foal. It was then that I actually took a minute to notice horse beautiful and intricate the painting was. It was a clearly identifiable style and I wanted to learn more about the artist. The painting (and the wine glass) were signed "Sarah Richardson." A quick google search brought me to her website. There I was able to find more paintings of Sarah's, learn about her and her process and find lots of merchandise available for purchase. You can even have custom paintings done of your horse!

This blog is about horse barns, of course, but a great way to upgrade the look of your tack room, lounge, home, etc. is to add some beautiful artwork of, of course, HORSES! Sarah Richardson's unique style of painting has quickly become one of my favorites and I thought that I should share it with you. You can find a link to Sarah's website on the button below.

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